Cholera Platform

Against cholera

In this section are compiled training modules for preparation, prevention and response to the epidemic of Cholera. This collection of training modules was provided by the partners in the fight against the epidemic of Cholera.

"Shield and Sword"strategy in the response

Health center management during a Cholera outbreak

Awareness and home disinfection

"Hygienist" training

Death management in the community

Epidemic monitoring

Transborder coordination

Epidemic Control for Volunteers

Response mechanism in urban environment - simulation exercise

Response mechanism inrural environment - simulation exercise


Download this file (03 - Formation Centre de Santé_Cholera_generique.ppt)03 - Formation Centre de Santé_Cholera_generique.ppt[Hentl center mangement]909 kB
Download this file (05 - Module de formation sensibilisation et désinfection domicile.ppt)05 - Module de formation sensibilisation et désinfection domicile.ppt[Awareness and home disinfection]565 kB
Download this file (06 - Module de formation hygiéniste.ppt)06 - Module de formation hygiéniste.ppt[\"Hygienist\" training]555 kB
Download this file (Community_deaths.ppt)Community_deaths.ppt[Death managementin the community]575 kB
Download this file (epidemic-control-en.pdf)epidemic-control-en.pdf[Epidemic Control for Volunteers]1707 kB
Download this file (Module 1 - Response - Strategy BCP.ppt)Module 1 - Response - Strategy BCP.ppt[\"Shield and Sword\"strategy in the response]5457 kB
Download this file (Module 3 - Surveillance epidemiologique.ppt)Module 3 - Surveillance epidemiologique.ppt[Epidemic monitoring]506 kB
Download this file (Module 4 - Coordination transfrontaliere.ppt)Module 4 - Coordination transfrontaliere.ppt[Transborder coordination]2716 kB
Download this file (Simulation en zone rurale.zip)Simulation en zone rurale.zip[response mechanism in rural environment - simulation exercise]3523 kB
Download this file (Simulation en zone urbaine.zip)Simulation en zone urbaine.zip[Reponse mechanism in urban environement - simulation exercice]6010 kB

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