Cholera Platform

Against cholera

WCA Cholera update

The West and Central Africa Cholera Platform has been established following the absence of cross-border collaboration and the delayed response to the cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone and Guinea in 2012. The platform is gathering the main WASH and Health actors involved in the fight against cholera in the region including but not restricted to ACF, ACTED, ALIMA, ECHO, IFRC, MSF, OCHA, UNICEF, WHO.

The platform is supported through regional projects piloted by UNICEF and IFRC and funded by ECHO and DFID since 2013. Its objective is to improve cholera control and prevention in the region through the promotion of an integrated and targeted approach known as the shield and sword strategy. The main actions are the following ones:

  • Improving exchange of information and experience in-between countries including diffusion of an epidemiological bulletin and real-time alerts;
  • Supporting countries for a timely, evidence-based and targeted interventions ahead and during cholera outbreaks;
  • Advocating toward donors and the WaSH and Health specialists for long term community-based solutions in cholera hotspots; 


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